For over 125 years, the Bosch name has been synonymous with engineering excellence. Our home appliances are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance which derives from our inherent, unflagging commitment and the painstaking thoroughness with which every unit is made. As you would expect from Bosch, there are no gimmicks or frills with our products – just pure, clean lines and beautiful functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen (Bosch, invented for life 2018).

Bosch offers a wide variety of products, from  integrated ovens which combine self cleaning functions, to No Frost Vita Fresh fridge/freezers that keep fruits and vegetables at optimum humidity and temperature. Everything you need can be found in the downloadable brochures of both Built In Appliances and Freestanding Appliances. The quality of Bosch appliances is renowned, and for this reason we have decided to be a proud retailer of this company.

”I have always acted according to the principle that it is better to lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and my word of honour have always had a higher priority to me than transitory profit.”

(Robert Bosch, 1921)


A renowned brand for its outstanding quality and highly efficient customer support. Neff stands out in every aspect when it comes to built in appliances, and has been a go-to brand for decades. We all know of course of the famous slide-and-hide oven which is so sought after, but there are a plethora of other functions that these world class appliances are capable of.

The Slide&Hide moodels are now available with a choice of Full steam Functionality, Vario Steam Mositure and Pyrolytic cleaning fuction. The Hobs offer superb results for any dish you are cooking, regardless if you have installed a gas,ceramic or induction hob. The Flex induction hob provides more flexible cooking space regardless of your level of expertise.

Please download our Neff brochure for more in-depth information about these fantastic products that we are a proud retailer for.


Beautiful, functional and technologically advanced, Caple appliances are central to the concept of a contemporary kitchen. The wine cabinets are offer the optimum storage conditions for your wine; the correct temperature, humidity and air circulation while using low vibration technology to minimize disturbance. Caple is our go to brand for more budget sensitive customers that want to go for the modern, high quality look and performance without stretching their budget too much.

Please find attached the Caple brochure for more information about the products.

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