For some people, a small kitchen might mean a totally different thing than for others. The size of the kitchen is subjective as to what your needs are, meaning that for some people, the kitchen you consider too small might be just right. There are no standard solutions for everybody, so in this article I [...]
I thought it is a good idea to share the experience of real people when buying a kitchen. This way, you can better understand what it means to refurbish a kitchen area well before actually committing to doing so. Anne came to us a few weeks back with the desire of changing up the kitchen [...]
Last summer we had a very friendly family come in with an extension plan. They wanted a wooden effect kitchen with some black worktops, that would not surpass £15.000 in total. The extension itself took a very long time to be completed, and by the time we even finished with the kitchen itself, they still [...]
We recently had some customers who came by with a very low budget, that wanted a very high quality kitchen and Corian worktops. I was not surprised obviously as that is what the majority of people want. So we made it happen as you can see in the pictures that follow. This kitchen had an [...]