A small kitchen we just finished

I thought it is a good idea to share the experience of real people when buying a kitchen. This way, you can better understand what it means to refurbish a kitchen area well before actually committing to doing so.

Anne came to us a few weeks back with the desire of changing up the kitchen entirely, but did not know the real costs of doing so. This is a very common thing with customers, as they might never had a kitchen refurbishment before, and do not know the costs. There is also a possibility that maybe at some time in the past they have done such a project, and do not take into considerations that with the passing of time, costs usually go up, materials change and so on.

She had an estimated budget of £10.000 to do it all, which seems like a very realistic figure. The problem was that her house had never had a electric meter change, therefore that would eat up a considerable amount of that budget. She also wanted to re-plaster the walls, change the floor, paint, have a nice thick quartz worktop, a toughened glass splash-back, painted handle-less doors and Bosch appliances with a Neff oven and a Blanco ceramic sink and tap. Know we both know these things cost, so that £10k budget seems a bit low.

Because we can help with the entire project, we were able to do the kitchen very quick. We have access to highly experienced and independent electricians which are priced at the lower end of the market cost. The same thing goes with the builders who did everything required for the room.

The kitchen units, worktop, splash-back, appliances, sink and tap and installation came to £11.500, while the kitchen rip-out, rewiring and a new electric box, flooring, plumbing and painting came to under £3000.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

About Author : Petar Zagorski