Not your usual kitchen

We recently had some customers who came by with a very low budget, that wanted a very high quality kitchen and Corian worktops. I was not surprised obviously as that is what the majority of people want. So we made it happen as you can see in the pictures that follow. This kitchen had an enormous amount of work done to it, including re-wiring the kitchen, new electric box, new flooring, bespoke kitchen units, price group 2 Corian etc. They left the tiles for another time, so that is why the kitchen walls are bare.

Everything was just under £15.000, not a modest sum, but for the amount of work and the quality of the items, I would say it is money well spent.

It is very important to note that the first thing these customers said to me is that the wall units you see, have another set of wall units above them, where you can store more without piling stuff to the ceiling. Every single kitchen shop they have been to said it is not possible, but with the help of my seasoned kitchen fitter, we made it possible.

About Author : Petar Zagorski