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 Enfield Kitchens
From point of order, we can deliver your kitchen units in as little as 10 days, providing they are ready to assemble and a non-painted door. For factory assembled units in non-painted finish, we would need 4 weeks, providing the order has been placed before every Saturday as that is our deadline. For painted kitchens in mat finish, we would require up to 6 weeks in order to get the kitchen to you.For London, the delivery is done only on Tuesdays and an estimated hour would be communicated on the day. If there is need of any extra panels or kitchen components, as the biggest mistake done in kitchen planning is not ordering enough plinths in order to avoid wasting it, there is the possibility of next day delivery so you do not have to wait long to finish the project.
Kitchens can take as little as 10 days to get delivered if they come as ready to assemble and non-painted.
Deliveries in London are done only on Tuesdays, and an estimated arrival time is given on the day.
In case any extra kitchen components are needed, the factory can arrange with a courier to deliver it as soon as it becomes available.
Painted mat kitchens can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered, so it is better to plan your project well in advance.

On occasion, our customers need things supplying urgently and we always do our best to help. By working with a number of the UK’s leading suppliers, we are proud to be able to offer a fast delivery service on a number of different products including Kitchens, Appliances, Worktops and more.


No, unfortunately once an item has been received on delivery date, and it is not a mistake caused by the manufacturer, then the item is not returnable.

The delivery is a 2-man job, therefore the only thing required from our customers is that they prepare a space where the kitchen units and components would be stored until installation day.

The showroom is well presented, and the manufacturer of the kitchens Omega PLC makes high quality kitchens compared to mainstream Howdens, wren or magnet.

Max gave us plenty of info and was helpful in the whole process. They even install the kitchens

Radu Galca
/ IT technician
Profesionist stuff and good quality kitchens and worktops
Albert Voloaga
/ Project Manager