A shaker kitchen that we did some time ago

Last summer we had a very friendly family come in with an extension plan. They wanted a wooden effect kitchen with some black worktops, that would not surpass £15.000 in total. The extension itself took a very long time to be completed, and by the time we even finished with the kitchen itself, they still had things to finish with it. These things take time, money and patience. I cannot stress how important it is to have trustworthy builders who will not delay the project for no good reason.

After meeting several times, and agreeing on a layout, we came to a mutually satisfactory figure and design. We supplied most of the appliances, the kitchen cabinets, the worktop and the fitting. What was very surprising for her was that we were able to have real wood doors and quartz worktops with a nice sparkle in them within her budget. Most of the other retailers could not offer her that at this price point, but since we are a small company, and want to create long lasting relationships and recommendations, we are happy to make little profit for high quality kitchens.

The furniture came ready to build, and took us around 3 days to put it together. We then came out to measure up for the worktop which took a week to get manufactured and installed. The kitchen had a very quick turnaround, and our customers were very satisfied with the end result.

I look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture. (Kelly Wearstler)

What I found most satisfying about this project was the story of why this kitchen was getting done. They said that when they were about my age, they lived in a flat which had a very similar kitchen, and that all their life they dreamed of having their very own kitchen just like that. I was happy to be the one to help make their dream come true.

About Author : Petar Zagorski